The University of Dayton is a top-10 private Catholic university. The office of University Communications produces event coverage through various channels, including the quarterly University of Dayton Magazine, the monthly Campus Report, the UDQuickly blog and @daymag social channels.

Coverage addresses a realm of topics with a storytelling focus. It's common to find articles on alumni, students, arts, athletics, history, research and ecology all within the same issue.

EDITORS / Michelle TedfordMatt Dewald


"Another reality," University of Dayton Magazine, Autumn 2012. (PDF)

"Paradise in 8x10," University of Dayton Magazine, Summer 2012. (PDF + link)

"Hail to the 'chief,'" University of Dayton Magazine, Winter 2011–2012. (PDF)

"Story time," University of Dayton Magazine, Summer 2011. (PDF)

"New frontiers," University of Dayton Magazine, Autumn 2010. (PDF)

"Thanking the house that became a home," Campus Report, September 2010. (PDF)


"My Old House: 111 Evanston," UDQuickly, April 2012. (Link)

"Why don't you want to be a lawyer?" UDQuickly, March 2012. (Link)

"A lifetime of conservation," University of Dayton News, November 17, 2011. (Link)