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My process

A high-level rundown of the approach you can expect from me for most projects, most of the time. YMMV.


1. Kickoff

We’ll walk through your project scope, timeline, and budget, as well as your overall brand. If you’re a stakeholder, I’ll clarify any preliminary questions with you, then head straight into step #2. If you’re my client, I’ll follow up with a proposal and project plan for your approval, including personalized recommendations for other services (photography, analytics, etc.) if necessary.

2. Research & ideation

I work with real users and interaction data to determine how we’ll structure your content. We’ll explore customer segmentation, journeys, tone of voice, and digital trends across industries to ensure that your brand narrative is current and clear. I’ll also outline some examples of what your content could look like.

3. Strategy review

I’ll share my SWOT analysis with you, alongside outlines or low-fidelity wireframes with samples of specific copy. (When your project involves visuals, the designer would show you a moodboard or rough comps at this time.) When you’re happy with the overall direction, we’ll start fleshing out the details.

4. production

Now we dig into crafting the actual content your customers will see, including UX and display copy, internal and external linking, metadata, image alt tags, and more. (When your project involves visuals, I work in lockstep with the designer to structure the language around visual cues, so the whole package is optimized for mobile and desktop users.)

5. Creative review

The part you’ve been waiting for: seeing it all come together. I’ll walk you through the customer or user experience from start to finish, delving into your pain points and how I solved for them. (When your project involves visuals, we’ll also provide a “staging environment” for you to explore on your own time.)

6. Refinement

Based on your feedback, I’ll polish up the project for public consumption and share the final product with you. Typically this is your third and final opportunity to review the overall content and call out any red flags.

7. Activation

And now we go live! Your content is out in the world, and you have documentation of everything we created to reference in the future. Depending on the project, this could include brand style guides (visual and verbal), boilerplate copy, email templates, and more.


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