Learn more about my approach to content strategy and copywriting projects.

The process

A high-level rundown of the approach you can expect from me for most projects, most of the time. YMMV.



1. Kickoff

We’ll walk through your project scope, timeline, budget, and brand. Within 2-5 business days, I’ll follow up with a proposal and project plan for your approval, including recommendations for other services (i.e. design, photography, videography) if necessary.


2. Research & ideation

To create (or maintain) brand narratives that are current and clear, I explore digital trends across industries through a combination of competitive analysis, social listening, and data study. These findings lay the foundation for the content strategy: the audience we speak to, the problems we solve for them, and the journey they take. I’ll also card sort and whiteboard collaboratively with designers at this time.


3. Strategy refinement

You’ll receive a content-centered SWOT analysis with the key learnings from step 2, a content skeleton, and low-fidelity wireframes or sketches with sample headlines and copy peppered in. When your project involves visuals, the designer would also show you a moodboard, storyboard, or first round comps.


4. Production

Once you’re happy with the overall direction, we’ll start fleshing out the experience with copy, visuals, interactions, links, metadata, and accessibility features. I structure language around visual cues—from headlines to graphics—so the whole package is optimized for desktop, mobile, print, or wherever else your content lives.


5. Creative refinement

You’ll have two opportunities to review the work in progress and provide feedback. I’ll walk you through the copy docs and high-fidelity comps (when applicable), showing you the journey and how we’ve transformed pain points into engagement opportunities.


6. Build & test

You’ll get to see the content as it would appear to your users or audience, though it’s not live just yet (i.e. the “staging” environment). This is typically your third and final opportunity to call out any red flags.


7. Activation

And now we go live! Your project is out there for public consumption—and you have documentation of everything we created to reference in the future. Depending on the project, this could include brand style guides (visual and verbal), boilerplate copy, email templates, visual assets, logos, and more.


8. Maintenance

You can keep me on retainer for ad hoc content updates, basic analytics, social media channel management, or general consultation. I can also walk you through how to pull basic engagement metrics yourself. For visual updates, you’d work directly with the designer on their terms.


9. Measurement

There’s intent, and then there’s impact. When on retainer, I can report back to you on a weekly or monthly basis with actionable insights related to how your content is performing. I can also help you develop surveys for more detailed, user-centered feedback.


10. Optimization

I’ll put that data to work, refining, finessing, and re-strategizing until we get the engagement you want. This might involve moving around copy and visuals, rewriting/redesigning content, or removing elements altogether.



Ready to run?