Blue Health Intelligence

E-newsletter content strategy and in-app ad copy for Blue Health Intelligence (BHI), an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

Blue Health Intelligence

Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) has several different SaaS models that allow healthcare administrators to analyze the country's most comprehensive, conformed database of integrated medical and pharmacy claims. Plan administrators, healthcare providers, and employers can use BHI’s predictive modeling tools to visually synthesize cost/utilization patterns and develop actionable insights that close gaps in quality, coding, and care.

These tools are pretty complex for the layman—it took our team several demos to land on the descriptions above. In preparation for upcoming healthcare technology conferences, we helped BHI develop snackable KSPs to soft-sell their products in various marketing materials.

My role: concepting, copywriting, production

Made with: ES99 (fka Impact Networking) | David Olmsted, Designer | 2016



BHI had access to the email lists for all registered attendees of the 2016 Information Management Symposium. This pre-event email gave a quick overview of a particular SaaS tool and invited attendees to learn more about it at the conference.


In-app ads (WIP)

The 2016 RISE Conference featured a mobile app where attendees could find maps, schedules, and other info to guide their onsite experience. BHI was allotted one ad slot for their vendor page. I developed three different copy treatments for the client to select from.