Marx Grocer

Branding, media planning, cross-platform content strategy, copywriting, user testing, focus groups, public relations, and event production for Marx Grocer, an ecommerce startup in Sydney.

Marx Grocer

Marx Grocer was an Australian ecommerce startup similar to America’s Instacart. Using a responsive website built on Magento, customers could do the full weekly shop from their phones while commuting, or restock party provisions without leaving the house.

Helmed by a businessman with decades of experience in operations and supply chain, Marx Grocer had all the functionality and none of the feeling. I created and implemented the human touchpoints to convince Sydneysiders that this nascent brand could replace their favorite big box store.

My role: branding, media planning and buying, cross-platform content strategy, copywriting/ghostwriting, public relations, focus groups, user testing, event production

Made with: Kam Leung, Designer | Payam Izadi, Developer | 2014–2015


Brand TOV & social storytelling

Fueled by local farmers, halal and kosher meat vendors, and family-owned suppliers, Marx Grocer is an affordable luxury that customers can feel good about. Unfussy, but dependable. Cheeky, but socially conscious. And always happy to share a cup of sugar with a neighbor.


Experiential marketing & community-building

Marx Grocer handpicks the must-haves from farmers markets, butcher shops, and major suppliers—so you don't have to. We earned customers' trust by showing up where pain points in the weekly shopping cycle naturally occurred. Think catered breakfasts for bleary-eyed mums and dads at playgroups, guerilla marketing in congested shopping plazas, and geo-targeted direct mail where the nearest supermarket was just beyond walking distance.

Rose Bay Street Fair


We also created the Marx Recipes platform: a WordPress-based, Magento-integrated food blog where users could browse recipes and add ingredients directly to their carts. Customers could submit their own recipes and share the stories behind them, enmeshing their families in the Marx Grocer community.


Ecommerce content

The customer's first visit began with a popup tutorial pointing them toward the product category selector. From there, filterable product listing pages mirrored the aisle-by-aisle experience of a boutique supermarket with top sellers, seasonal offerings, and promo-priced items displayed prominently above the fold. Customers could order as a guest or create an account to save their recent shopping lists and payment info, making one-click reordering a snap.